Your Guide to Commercial Disinfection Services

Your Guide to Commercial Disinfection Services

Has a member of your staff been reported as COVID positive, or presumably COVID positive? As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep your employees and customers safe. You may be wondering what needs to be done. Do you need to clean the space? Do you need to close your business until the cleaning is done? It is a lot to navigate by yourself.

This guide explains why you should work with a commercial disinfection team and the services they provide.

Why You Need Commercial Disinfection Services

So, what needs to be done if a COVID case has come in contact with your establishment?

Unfortunately, there are no easy answers. Regulations have changed many times throughout the pandemic. The rules also vary between different states, municipalities, and industries. Information that you find on the internet may be out-of-date or misinformation. It is a profoundly frustrating situation.

Professional commercial cleaning services are knowledgeable about COVID-related cleaning requirements. Contact them, and they can help you understand how the rules apply in your particular industry.

Working with a commercial disinfection service also helps protect yourself from liability. You do not want to risk your employees or customers catching a dangerous virus when you know there is a risk of infection. This could lead to costly lawsuits or increases in insurance premiums.

Viricidal Disinfection

Viruses are not easy to disinfect. A bit of soap and water isn’t enough to reliably kill all viruses. Luckily, virus disinfection products have become more common since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. But not all disinfection products are created equal. Professional disinfection teams understand which combination of cleaning supplies work to efficiently eliminate as many viruses as possible.

In addition to powerful cleaning agents, thorough virus disinfection also requires a strategic and thorough clean of your building. Efforts focus on surfaces that are most likely to come in contact with hands, such as handles, phones, light switches, and doorknobs. Trained professionals can identify these high-risk locations and make sure they receive adequate attention.

Professional Personal Protective Equipment

Any specialty cleaning project requires personal protective equipment (PPE). In the case of viral disinfection, it is critical that cleaners are protected from any virus that is present. Equipment such as professional-grade respirators or face masks allows technicians to limit their risk of exposure.

Some business owners may attempt to clean their property themselves. This is a mistake. Not only are you risking your health, but also the health of your customers and employees because you will not be able to clean the property adequately. Asking untrained employees without the proper equipment to clean could also lead to health and safety-related lawsuits.

Caring for Your Staff and Customers

A COVID scare at your business is both an immediate safety concern and a logistical problem. By hiring a commercial cleaning service, you can handle your logistical issues in a safe, professional, and efficient manner that allows you to focus on attending to the needs of your staff, your customers, and your businesses.

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