Hospitals and Healthcare Clinics – Direct Mail Campaigns Still Work Wonders

Hospitals, clinics, doctor and dentist offices, chiropractors, pharmacists and medical facilities should advertise. “We don’t need to advertise,” you say. “People come to us when they need medical treatment. It’s not like we’re selling stereos or real estate.” Well, that isn’t necessarily the case. Sure, when someone has been in a car crash and is being taken to the emergency room, they usually don’t care which one. Their only prerequisite might be that it is “very close.” But, when the treatment isn’t an emergency, they often have the opportunity to pick where they wish to go.

How They Choose

Your doctor says that you need to have a benign fatty tumor removed from you back. He might recommend a particular surgeon, but you could say, “What about St. What-Ever-It-Is Medical Center across town? I’ve heard they are a great facility. I’d rather go there.” Bingo. That hospital just got a new patient. They chose St. What-Ever-It-Is Medical Center because they “heard about it.” How did they come to know about that particular facility? Advertising, probably.

Hospitals, Dentists, Pharmacists, Chiropractic

All facets of the healthcare industry can benefit from proper advertising. It’s very important to develop name recognition with the general public. Once your facility’s name is commonplace, people are naturally going to at least give consideration to becoming your patient or customer. I know of no one that window shops for healthcare. Usually it is and urgent situation – not an emergency – when people need to make a decision, and they aren’t going to spend hours researching on the internet, going through the yellow pages, or calling all their friends to get a recommendation for where to take their child. They will instead quickly haul them off to the first place they remember. That facility could be your office or clinic – if you have embedded your name in their head by advertising.

How To Do It In These Troubled Economic Times

Simply put: direct mail. Direct mail campaigns have been very successful for decades. Mailing advertisements to hundreds or thousands of current and potential patients or customers is an inexpensive and effective method of gaining that valuable name recognition. Most suppliers of direct mail products will do all the work, too. You simply provide a mailing list, or one can be generated for you, and they will deliver each customized direct mail product for you. You don’t need to do a thing other than make the phone call or send the e-mail message.

A New Innovation

Yes, direct mail is effective, but a recent innovation has made it an even more valuable marketing tool. The new product is the magnetic direct mailer. Instead of a simple paper postcard, this one has an attractive, high quality refrigerator style magnet attached to it. The recipient is intrigued by the uniqueness, and peels the magnet from the postcard. Once in hand, they hesitate to just toss it away. It ends up on the refrigerator at home, or the metal cabinets in the break room at the office, or a computer case at work. Magnets are long lasting, and they provide hundreds of passive views of your facility’s information each month. Eventually, someone who saw your magnet will need your services or products. It’s just human nature, but people tend to patronize facilities with which they are familiar, even if that familiarity comes from merely seeing your direct mail magnet every time they go to the refrigerator.

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Article Direct Marketing – Improve Website Traffic With Keywords

Direct article marketing has changed. When you first started your article marketing maybe you were like me, and didn’t know much about website optimization and promotion to increase web page traffic and key words for articles marketing. Article marketing rules change, so it’s a lot of research to stay on top of which key words are best for each article. Since you don’t want to make some of the mistakes I made early on, use my experience to update your article marketing now.

In the Beginning

Nine years ago, I learned about article marketing. I wrote business books and wanted to market them a natural way. I learned from a techie mentor how to submit them. And, my titles were good so they got my website in the first page of Google rankings. With “bookcoaching” I’m still number one. I submitted 20 articles to many sites, and within one month, was listed on 900 websites. As my articles grew to over 240, I was listed on 120,000 sites and more each two weeks. article marketing is viral marketing at its best.

Being Consistent Makes a Difference.

As long as I pumped good how to, educational articles out there, my Google status was great. When I took a year sabbatical from article marketing, my placement dropped accordingly. And today, I’m back at it full steam ahead. But since new rules and Web 2. 0 changes, Today, I’m editing most of my articles and all of my article writing and submitting books to help my clients get more webpage traffic.

Key Words for Article Optimization

I started using Google Trends and put at least 10 keywords into those first article submitted to HubPages. I turned into a key word junkie!. I wove those key words into the copy with ease. Talk about overkill and clouded judgment. I didn’t realize my errors until my webmaster corrected me. We went back to optimize all the earlier titles so Google would love them.

Better Article Key Word Research

Then, using the free Google Keyword Tool. I learned how to comb through a general key word phrase, turn those into the long tailed low-competition specific key words people Google. We incorporate them into article titles and first lines of the article. With this method, you only use 3 keyword phrases in the whole article, after you do your key word research Now, my articles earn me a seat at the Big Boy’s table–my website URL went to top positions in Google page ranking.

We tested the main key word phrases at Google Tools to see which phrase would get us the most action. We checked the monthly searches for each key word phrase and noticed higher is better such as 300+ and with # results on the web through putting the phrase in quotes and Googling it, that lower is better such as -3000. Thus, the higher ratio is better such as over.100+. The ratio is best at over.1.

Today, the Goal is Balance Between the Best Long tailed Keywords and the Title that Will Attract Readers.

If you please your readers and your article directory publishers with quality, useful articles, you’ll do well. Remember to answer your readers’ questions in your articles, even solve their challenges.

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The MLM Survival Guide – Is Network Marketing Really For Me?

Since my college days I have dabbled in the Network Marketing industry. Sometimes I made money and sometimes I didn’t. Over the years, there was always that nagging question in the back of my head. Learning the true survival tactics that taught me how to stop chasing my friends and family and to start optimizing 21st Century marketing tactics finally gave me the answer to that burning question.

Is Network Marketing Really for Me?

You may be asking yourself this very question whether this is your first stab at Networking Marketing or it may be your tenth. When you were approached by the person that ultimately sold you the product or sponsored you into the”business opportunity” the picture that was painted for you was probably very rosy and appealing. You loved the product and believed that your enthusiasm would make it easy to get others to buy it or join in on the “opportunity”. The Presentation you saw made it sound like a piece of cake.

But can you really survive pitching to your Warm Market and everyone else that crosses your path, the 3-way calling, getting all the Marketing Materials or going to all those Hotel Briefings? What about your Upline, will they really help you?

The question still lingers in the back of your mind….Is Network Marketing Really For Me?


Let me tell you first hand that Network Marketing has amazing benefits that can transform your life and your pocketbook!

There are some very important steps you must take first before you jump into the world of Network Marking, MLM or Multilevel Marketing or Direct Sales. You will have to learn the survival tactics that will get you through the “ins and outs” of this ever growing industry. The Internet has taken this Network Marketing industry into the 21 Century. The ‘Old School’ marketing method are becoming obsolete.

The very first thing you should know is that NetWORK Marketing is WORK just like every other venture you will get involved with whether it is a traditional W2 job or your own business.

Oh no! Did your sponsor forget to tell you that part? Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, but it is the truth. Also, when you join this awesome company or amazing opportunity you became a Business Owner. Yes, you are now an Entrepreneur!

Second, know that is that YOU are 100% responsible for making things happen in your business. YOU are your own fastest path to Success! Make sure you have the education and training you need to be truly successful.

Here are some basic terms and definitions you’ll need to help you survive this business:

Network Marketing – a business in which a distributor network is needed to build the business. Usually such businesses are also MLM in nature in that payouts also occur at more than one level. Network Marketing is sometimes also used incorrectly to indicate that the business uses a network of product suppliers in order to offer a broader selection of products. It is usually used this way to differentiate themselves as a way to suggest that their program is superior to other such programs.

MLM – is selling products by using independent distributors and allowing these distributors to build and manage their own sales force by recruiting, motivating, supplying, and training others to sell products. The distributors’ compensation includes their own sales and a percentage of the sales of their sales group (downline). Another description is any business where payouts occur at two or more levels; i.e., if you make a sale, both you and the person above you will get a portion of the proceeds.

Downline – a multilevel marketing term that refers to the distributors sponsored directly in your group, as well as those sponsored by other distributors below.

Upline – the distributors that you sign up with your Multilevel Marketing plan are called your downline. The distributor that originally recruited you is called your upline. Often he or she will give you some help getting started, including training.

Warm Market – in sales and direct marketing your warm market is said to be people you know, which could be friends, relatives and existing customers, even referrals are said to be warm.

Three Foot Rule – states that whenever you’re within three feet of someone, you should talk to them about your business and the services you provide.

Leads – possible parties that may or may not have an interest in your product, service or opportunity that you will be contacting in person, by phone, mail or Internet.

Prospecting – finding qualified prospects (or interested parties) for your products or services is a necessary first step in the sales process. You need to have someone to sell to before you make a sale. There are “cold prospects”, “qualified prospects” and “targeted prospects”.

Closing – completing a transaction or sale.

DSA – Direct Selling Association. This is a great resource for checking the status of your company or to keep up with industry specific news.

Network Marketing is definitely for you!

The opportunities for success, self satisfaction, financial freedom and control over your life are all true advantages to Network Marketing. You will realize these benefits by taking 100% responsibility for your own actions and by empowering yourself with the appropriate training and marketing tools that will ensure your success without stress!

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Affiliate Marketing Strategies – The Good And The Not So Good!

I guess it all really depends on which marketing strategy you want to use to promote your niche affiliate business.  I suspect however, that you would rather like to know at the outset, which strategy, among those available to you, is the most effective.

One of the simplest ways to promote people into your niche affiliate marketing website, and one that does not involve a lot of work, is to send prospects directly to your sales page. This can be somewhat effective, but it is not exactly the best practice. In my view a more superior way to reel in customers is to initially direct them to an introductory page, or “squeeze page”.

While sending prospects directly to a sales page is by far the easiest way to go, you will find that affiliate marketing experts shy away from this approach. The problem is that even if this method brings a lot of traffic to your sales page, the likelihood of converting those visitors to customers is limited at best.  The better way for your affiliate marketing business to thrive is if you first direct your prospects to a “squeeze page”.  Here you can explain to your potential customers the product you are selling and its benefits for them.  This interaction gives you a way to connect to your customers, build some trust that you understand the products you are selling, and from that build a loyal following which will allow you further opportunities,

One additional and quite effective way to boost your affiliate marketing website is to write reviews of the products that you sell, and post them. Thus the customers will be more educated and can make better choices of products which fit their needs. However, it is really important that you give an honest assessment of any product, in this way the customer can make a value judgment and it adds to your credibility with him/her.

Obviously, for you to do a good job for your prospects and customers you will need to have an in-depth knowledge of the products that you are selling. Without this information, both the good and the not so good points, of any product it will be very difficult for you to market it effectively. The other benefit is that, should any customer questions arise, and they generally will, you are well prepared. 

Realizing the importance of building and maintaining a trust relationship with your customers can lead to many sales in the future.

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Direct Email Marketing Solution

Is direct email marketing worth it – you can bet on it! So how do you go about it? Well, you need a product to sell of course for your direct email marketing solution. There’s no point in even thinking about marketing if you have no product. That product can be anything you want it to be. Use your imagination. If you can write, you can sell that ability. If you can make things, you can sell them. If you know a lot about internet marketing, you can sell that knowledge. But then again, if you were that good you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?

Think of the other ways you can market your product on the internet with your direct email marketing solution. You can get listed on Google, but you need to know a lot of techniques to achieve a listing high enough that anybody would notice your website. Stuff like LSI and silo structures and link structure and one way links. If all that confuses you, stick to simple emails.

Any discussion about a direct email marketing solution is incomplete without a SPAM warning – learn the laws and follow them…the penalties can be severe.

Once you have a product, you need a simple sales page for your direct email marketing solution. Something that will persuade your visitor that what you have to offer is what they have been looking for all their lives. You can pay somebody to do that for you if you can’t write a sales page. Persuade your visitors to click to purchase and your job is almost done. All you do then is get payment and thank them very much.

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Direct Selling and You – A Critical Look at the Direct Sales Business

The direct sales business revolves around direct selling-personal contact and sales made outside of a traditional retail setting. In other words, direct selling is much more focused on relationships between people than selling in a retail store is where customers bring their purchases to anonymous counter clerks.

Virtually any product that’s made today can be and is marketed through direct sales. Using this model, direct sales businesses market everything from cosmetics to farm equipment and from nutritional supplements to kitchen appliances and cookware.

If it’s for your body, your home, your job, or your garden, you can get it through direct sales.

There are different forms of direct selling, too. Some direct salespeople focus on one-on-one interactions with customers. When you’re selling a big-ticket item, you want to spend as much time answering each customer’s questions as you need to in order to make the sale.

Other direct sales businesses use the demonstration or party model. For example, direct sales reps for cookware companies will often do a demonstration of the products by cooking something in the host’s home. Guests get a look at how effective the products are, and they get a tasty treat at the end of the presentation. Talk about positive reinforcement!

So far, you might be thinking that direct sales looks a lot like multi-level marketing or MLM. But there are a few crucial differences between the two.

With direct selling, you are paid a much larger commission on your actual sales. You’re not worried about recruiting and training other salespeople-your only concern is with how well you’re doing at making sales.

When you’re doing direct sales, you are representing a solid product or service line. Some MLMs put most of their focus on recruiting downlines; the actual product or service is secondary, and sometimes they’re only cheap, insubstantial products designed to keep the MLM legal. MLMs that focus solely on recruitment come dangerously close to being illegal pyramid schemes.

Also, unlike MLMs, with direct selling your main relationship is with your customer, and your focus is on attending to that customer’s needs. Is it time to call Sue to check how she’s enjoying her cookware? It’s been seven years since Larry bought the tractor from you-it’s time to contact him about a possible replacement.

Those are the kinds of tasks you’re concerned with as a direct seller.

But if you’re in an MLM, you’ve got to motivate a lot of people in addition to your customers. In order to make any real money, you’ve got to recruit, train, and stay in almost constant touch with an increasingly large downline. Dealing with customers becomes secondary.

Finally, the direct selling business pays off in immediate rewards. You make the sale-you get your commission. The MLM companies can take a lot of time to pay off, and the vast majority of people who get involved in MLMs make hardly any money at all.

If you’re willing to wait a long time and work very hard for few returns in exchange for the chance to build a network of close friends, the MLM business model might be for you.

But if you want immediate results and would rather focus on selling than recruiting and training, direct selling and the direct sales business are probably a better place for you.

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Direct Mailing

Direct mailing is a marketing device that can accelerate your business revenues manifolds. Marketing your business through direct mailing not only boosts up the profit rate of your organization, but also opens up new useful contacts to flourish your business. Marketing your business is the new age management solution that is devised to enhance the success of your company, leading you more quickly to the goal objective of the business.

There are various ready tools of marketing. But direct mailing is one such solution where you can manipulate the marketing content and its receivers to the highest degree. As this service is provided through personalized structuring with the full knowledge of the background and necessity of the receiver, the success rate of the message it carries, is very high.

The process of direct mailing defines the success of this tool – the first thing is to judge the necessity and purpose of a direct mailing project. It is used as a supportive technique of the process of enlarging your business and thus boosting your revenues. For this reason, it is highly useful for small, medium and local business houses. As you find out the purpose for communicating, then the next step is to prepare the budget and mailing list. Preparing a mailing list demands much patience and wide networking. There are various professional organizations that can help you prepare such mailing lists with their regular business networking practices.

As you prepare the budget and the mailing list, the next step is to develop the content, design and the format of your mail. There are numerous options. It is advisable to got to a professional, well-trained designer and content developer to fetch the highest quality. A professional organization can offer you wide range of direct mail options to choose from. The popular options are -

- Postcards

- Brochures

- Letters in Envelops

- Forms and Templates

- Designers’ Files

After preparing the mails, the next step is to send them according to the mailing list. The process is though easy, yet it requires much time, labor and planning. Nowadays, there are various direct marketing consultants and associations that offer wide range of services for this purpose. From the initial mailing list preparation, to the ultimate mail distribution, they can help you with their experienced and expert talents. By this way, you cannot only save your time, but also you can save more money. The professional direct mailing services can offer you customized receivers’ list according to the customers, clients, investors and other important segmentation. It is thus always good to go for a professional organization that offers direct mailing services.

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Marketing In A Niche And Direct Mail Discussions

Do you believe in niche marketing? I do, and it’s essentially the cornerstone of all successful marketing. When you go into a niche, you allow yourself the opportunity to sell to a select group of people who have the utmost possibility of making you wealthy.

Without niche marketing, you’re selling to a wide group of people, and you will have to spend a lot more money on advertising due to the wide range of people that you are targeting.

Instead of marketing to a big pond with a few fish, dedicate your time and efforts on small ponds of many fish. Your selection of fish will have to be targeted, but at the end of the day, you’ll have lots and lots of fish to fry instead of spending all of your time in a big, empty sea.

Niche marketing is the same way. Instead of focusing on everybody, carve a segment out in the marketplace to make sure that your message is heard from the right group of people. Niche marketing should be part of your overall marketing strategy. After you have entered and selected a niche, it’s time to deliver a way to implement your niche marketing strategy. One great way to do this is with direct mail.

Direct mail is fast, and it can bring you immediate results all within the course of 1 week. If you can get a targeted list, and implement your direct mail campaign in a way that is organized in its approach, you will have a great chance of having success with your overall campaign.

The best way to get a list is via the SRDS. The SRDS is the standard rate and data service, and it can be found down at your local library. This is a collection of paid and responsive mailing lists that you can rent for a fee. I personally think this is a better option than using a list broker (and even finding names out of a phonebook), because you can get very niche specific with your selection.

Why would you want to get even further niche specific with your mailing list selection? Well the reason is simple. The more money you spend to rent a list that gets very specific, the more likely you are to have success with your direct mail campaign.

I think the proof is in the pudding. Niche marketing mixed with direct mail is a killer offline combination that can earn you a lot of cash quickly. Don’t get hung up on the idea that you can’t do it – because you can. Put your mind to making your next campaign successful, and follow it up with an aggressive approach to closing the sale.

When selecting your niche, make sure that it lines up in agreement to your offer. Even if you have to restructure your entire business to go into a niche, do so. You will find that you can charge more for your products and services, simply because you’re operating in a niche market.

Use these tips to earn the money in your business that you are looking for.

Good luck with using niche marketing and direct mail to your advantage today.

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Learning to Customize Your Marketing Message to Fit Your Targeted Mailing Lists

A mailing list is a creation of household name and addresses that fit a specific criteria based on a company’s marketing strategy. A complete direct mail marketing campaign encompasses the list creation, the postcard artwork, and message that promoted your product or service. You can purchase your direct marketing list from any list company. It is important in creating a tailored message that matches your targeted lists. Here you will learn how to use direct mail marketing to successfully marketing your business, advertise new and special promotions, and continue to grow your customer base.

A direct marketing list can be your money making machine. It is important to understand exactly how to create a database of prospects by targeting a specific audience in a certain geographical area. Direct mail is still one of the most effective ways to your message into the hands of new prospects and previous customers. There are several ways to create a database. An existing business can create a marketing list from their current customers. A new business can purchase a database from a list provider. In either case, there are steps to creating and maintaining your list.

Many data providers have online tools to create, purchase and download your list. You simply insert your geography, select your demographic variables, receive a grand total of how many households are available, and then can purchase. It is suggested if this is your first time creating and purchasing a list to call into a provider rather than going at it alone. A list provider has several years of experience working with all different industries. They may brain storm with you and come up with a target marketing idea that you never thought of.

Once your marketing database is created, you can begin to construct a detailed offer that gives appeal to the product or service that is going to being marketed. The message needs to state a firm call to action, along with a sense of urgency and fit the audience you have selected. The offer should be directed to similar characteristics of your existing clients, age grouping, genders, income level, etc., and stay consistent with the products or services you are marketing. Whether introducing a new product or offering a discount on existing services, the offer must have added value in order for the potential customer to take time and respond to your message.

The art work on your mail piece should fit the characteristics of your audience. The pictures should be able to relate to the household you are marketing to. If you are targeting households with children you will want to show parents with their children, so your audience can relate to your message. It will make an incredible difference in your campaigns response to tailor your message and design work to your audience.

It is worth putting time and thought into your complete marketing strategy before even starting a campaign. Put together your targeted audience and figure out what they all have in common. By doing this you can create a mail piece that will catch their eye and a message that will make them want to respond. This will guarantee better results from your direct mailing lists and increase the response of the campaign. A local pet store would not marketing to everyone and have an automobile on their mail piece. They would target pet owners only and have a picture of a family with a friendly pet in the picture to ensure they are connecting with their prospects.

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Making Your Marketing And Advertising Accountable

The best way to market your business and get new customers is via advertising. With advertising, you improve the chances of finding someone quickly who wants to do business with you. The speed at which you can attain a new customer is much faster than any other marketing technique out there.

So why aren’t you doing more new advertising in your business? Are you currently running ads but aren’t seeing any results from it? Do you know how to write effective ad copy? Are you willing to hire a copywriter to write your ad for you? These questions (and more) are a few questions that you need to be asking yourself before you start advertising your products and services.

Even if you don’t know how to write efficient ad copy, there are places and people that you can learn from to help you with your copywriting skills. The first thing that you will want to get your hands on is a swipe file. A “swipe file” is simply a collection of winning ads and sales letters that you can use to emulate and use in your ads and sales letters.

There’s one great swipe file called “Magnetic Sales Letters”, and I think it’s on the marketplace for around $25. This is a small price to pay when considering how much money it can make for you. A swipe file is a copywriters best friend. This is something all of the master copywriters do to earn a nice living from their copywriting services.

But back to the matter at hand, when advertising, be sure to make your advertising accountable. Make sure that whatever you do, make sure that you test and track your results, so that you can see what’s working and what isn’t. The ads that are working, run them indefinitely. For those ads that seem to un-produce, cut those out immediately. You never want to beat a dead horse with a stick, so focus on your winning campaigns, and these campaigns only.

I think if you can follow these advertising tips, then you will stand a chance of having your ad work for you. But if you don’t follow these steps, then history will repeat itself and you’re going to be stuck with advertising campaigns that simply don’t work.

If you want to take your business to the next level, simply follow the tips listed in this article. They will more than likely work for you and your business, and it’s something that you should doing today. The sooner you put these techniques into action, the more you can start profiting more from your customers and prospects.

These are just a few ways that you can make money in your business right away. If you don’t put these techniques in to use, then you will be doing a disservice towards yourself and your business. And this is something that you definitely don’t want to do. So keep that in mind for future reference.

Good luck with using these tips to have as much success as possible in your business.

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