Marketing Customers – Deposit Them in Your Bank

How would you like to be able to get more marketing customers, sell more products and improve your cash flow? Many if not most Affiliate Marketers would be interested in that, wouldn’t you?

It is amazing how many affiliate marketers make little or no money for all their efforts. It has been said that 10% of the affiliate marketers make 90% of the money. The spread is most likely bigger than that. If you find yourself one of the 90% making only 10% of the money or worse yet, one of the tens of thousands that haven’t made any bank yet then you will want to read on.

When I first started out trying to make some extra money online I thought “how hard could this be?” Will guess what… it isn’t all that easy! There are so many steps to take to implement some type of marketing campaign that most just wind up spinning their wheels.

Web pages, lenses, blogs and a plethora of other marketing platforms wind up looking like grade school projects that actually drive traffic away instead of landing marketing customers. The ones I built were even worse and I had spent hundreds of hours on them. The ones that actually looked presentable still didn’t convert. I needed to do something different.

I gave website templates a try and although they looked all right, for some reason the marketing customer wasn’t fooled and still didn’t stay long enough to say “Boo” let alone purchase something. Some of the pre-built websites were invaded by someone else’s advertisements and made me feel I was just paying for some one else to make bank.

Then I came across a technique that solved all the above problems and even gave back the time I was wasting on them. It was so simple and easy and it was staring me in the face all along. I had overlooked it because of the myth that it was no longer allowed.

Supposedly the big search engines had stomped this out once and for all for the benefit of mankind or at least for the benefit of marketing customers. I no longer needed a web page, lens, blog or and other landing page to pass my marketing customer to the merchant’s sales page.

I am talking about DIRECT LINKING. No, direct linking is not dead. It is still very much alive, well and can be use by any affiliate marketer to make some bank. This is direct linking with a twist, a twist for the good. One that makes it acceptable to all parties involved and in the process saves you time and money. No more web building, no hosting fees, no CTR to worry about and best of all its as easy as pie!

Now 100%… yes 100% of my traffic from articles, ads, forum posting and other online and offline marketing methods ends up at the merchant’s sales page! There are hundreds of merchants that spend thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of time developing and testing their sales pages to be high converting power houses. Why was I led to believe I could do any better? How could I possibly fix up something that wasn’t broke?

Here is what to do… You purchase a domain, preferably a dot com. They are the easiest for your marketing customers to remember. Make your domain something easy to remember, that will blend with your promotion. For example if you are promoting then register something similar to or See the common sense here?

Forward your new domain to your merchant’s high converting sales page using your affiliate link. You can also enable masking so your domain will still show in the address bar and title tab when the marketing customer is at your merchant’s sales page!

The first time you set this up is the hardest (not very) and after that you could do it in your sleep. I have even used a tracking link between my new domain and affiliate link so I could keep track of traffic results. Your only cost in all this is the original purchase of the domain. Even that can be kept at a minimum if you search for a coupon.

I have affectionately named this technique the “Newbie Jump Start” for it simplicity and ease of use. I’m no Einstein and this technique is not an original idea. This and many other skills to find and keep marketing customers I have learned by enrolling in several great affiliate marketing courses. A sort of investment in myself. I would encourage you to do the same.

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