Marketing Customers – Deposit Them in Your Bank

How would you like to be able to get more marketing customers, sell more products and improve your cash flow? Many if not most Affiliate Marketers would be interested in that, wouldn’t you?

It is amazing how many affiliate marketers make little or no money for all their efforts. It has been said that 10% of the affiliate marketers make 90% of the money. The spread is most likely bigger than that. If you find yourself one of the 90% making only 10% of the money or worse yet, one of the tens of thousands that haven’t made any bank yet then you will want to read on.

When I first started out trying to make some extra money online I thought “how hard could this be?” Will guess what… it isn’t all that easy! There are so many steps to take to implement some type of marketing campaign that most just wind up spinning their wheels.

Web pages, lenses, blogs and a plethora of other marketing platforms wind up looking like grade school projects that actually drive traffic away instead of landing marketing customers. The ones I built were even worse and I had spent hundreds of hours on them. The ones that actually looked presentable still didn’t convert. I needed to do something different.

I gave website templates a try and although they looked all right, for some reason the marketing customer wasn’t fooled and still didn’t stay long enough to say “Boo” let alone purchase something. Some of the pre-built websites were invaded by someone else’s advertisements and made me feel I was just paying for some one else to make bank.

Then I came across a technique that solved all the above problems and even gave back the time I was wasting on them. It was so simple and easy and it was staring me in the face all along. I had overlooked it because of the myth that it was no longer allowed.

Supposedly the big search engines had stomped this out once and for all for the benefit of mankind or at least for the benefit of marketing customers. I no longer needed a web page, lens, blog or and other landing page to pass my marketing customer to the merchant’s sales page.

I am talking about DIRECT LINKING. No, direct linking is not dead. It is still very much alive, well and can be use by any affiliate marketer to make some bank. This is direct linking with a twist, a twist for the good. One that makes it acceptable to all parties involved and in the process saves you time and money. No more web building, no hosting fees, no CTR to worry about and best of all its as easy as pie!

Now 100%… yes 100% of my traffic from articles, ads, forum posting and other online and offline marketing methods ends up at the merchant’s sales page! There are hundreds of merchants that spend thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of time developing and testing their sales pages to be high converting power houses. Why was I led to believe I could do any better? How could I possibly fix up something that wasn’t broke?

Here is what to do… You purchase a domain, preferably a dot com. They are the easiest for your marketing customers to remember. Make your domain something easy to remember, that will blend with your promotion. For example if you are promoting then register something similar to or See the common sense here?

Forward your new domain to your merchant’s high converting sales page using your affiliate link. You can also enable masking so your domain will still show in the address bar and title tab when the marketing customer is at your merchant’s sales page!

The first time you set this up is the hardest (not very) and after that you could do it in your sleep. I have even used a tracking link between my new domain and affiliate link so I could keep track of traffic results. Your only cost in all this is the original purchase of the domain. Even that can be kept at a minimum if you search for a coupon.

I have affectionately named this technique the “Newbie Jump Start” for it simplicity and ease of use. I’m no Einstein and this technique is not an original idea. This and many other skills to find and keep marketing customers I have learned by enrolling in several great affiliate marketing courses. A sort of investment in myself. I would encourage you to do the same.

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Buy Direct Wholesale Products to Place in Your Online Store

The most complicated part of starting an online business is finding a product that will move. You don’t want to spend a lot of time and money into a complete line of products if you are not sure they are in demand. It’s always good to spend some time doing your research about the product you want to offer and see if it is in demand, of if the demand is being met by other direct wholesale suppliers.

To locate direct wholesale products you can do a simple search online. There you will have endless pages of results displaying direct wholesale suppliers and the products that they offer. Some products that you can purchase direct wholesale include cellular phones, kitchen ware, office supplies, room d├ęcor, and clothing. Just about anything you can think of, really.

Clothing stores are always in demand because consumers love to have the latest and the greatest – clothing is one of the most quickly changing markets in terms of what is fashionable and what isn’t. Plus there are so many different types of styles that you could market to many different demographics. Buying in demand items like clothes through direct wholesale means will always keep your prices low and your customers happy.

Offering direct wholesale hobby supplies is also a profitable way to earn money. Everyone has a hobby whether it is sewing, quilting, collecting cards, stamps, and more. You can supply everyone with discount products to enhance or help their hobby grow. Offer stamp display cases or materials and supplies for sewing and quilting. When people are passionate about their hobbies, they tend to spend big money on it.

Direct wholesale prices are low enough that you should be able to offer your products at a lower price than what many others online are offering the same products for. You can still make a profit, but you just won’t be charging so much and the customers will be pleased with the discount that you offer. If the quality is decent, past customers and will keep coming back to you for more.

Some of the name brand products that you buy everyday can now be listed in your store if you choose to buy direct wholesale. Offer a product that you use yourself. If you can’t use your products then how can you communicate with the customers regarding the product and questions that they may have about it? Starting out with items you are knowledgeable about will keep things simple and stress-free for you.

No matter how you find your products for your online store make sure that you buy direct and not through another company that may charge you more. You are in business for profit so it’s important to make sure that you account for that when you are estimating your cost and income. Owning your own online business is fun and can be something that can support you for the rest of your life.

Want more profit from eBay? Looking for good wholesale suppliers? Finding good suppliers can be difficult. It can be hard to make any decent money on eBay if you can’t find good reliable supplies at good prices.

If you are serious about finding good wholesalers and suppliers, then you must check out the website link below. If you keep doing things the way you have, then chances are you will get the same results, which I know for a fact are terrible.

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7 Steps to Creating a Concise Small Business Marketing Strategy

Taking a strategic approach to marketing your business is no longer a luxury afforded to established businesses and big industry players.

If you hope to consistently grow your business and compete in the new global marketplace, you must be able to successfully plan and execute a strategic marketing plan cost-effectively and with a focus on Return On Investment (ROI).

Unfortunately, many small business owners and solo-preneurs join the ranks of the self-employed without a strong understanding of the fundamentals of strategic marketing, instead taking a “see what comes” approach, which invariably leads to lower-than-expected results and is a big contributing factor in the stratospheric rate of new business failures.

To help you plan your strategic marketing approach, here are the 7 Steps To Creating A Concise Small Business Marketing Strategy:

Step 1: Create A Marketing Vision

Do you know what you’re trying to accomplish with your marketing efforts; what your specific goals are when it comes to growing and building your business? Understanding where you are and knowing where you want to go is the essential first step to developing an action plan to get you there.

Step 2: Understand Your Market

Who is your perfect customer or client? Do you know or are you simply willing to take any business that comes your way? Being able to identify, understand and empathize with your potential customers will demonstrate to them that you can relate to them and are genuinely concerned about providing them a solution that works for them.

Being able to “speak the language” of your potential customer will allow you to gain their trust and build rapport much more quickly, ultimately leading to greater success.

Step 3: Know Your Competition

What do your competitors do well? What do they do poorly? How will you differentiate yourself from them in the minds of your prospective customers?

Doing the right kinds of competitive analysis, including becoming a customer of your competition so that you know first-hand what they offer and how well or poorly they deliver on the sale.

You can learn a lot about their customer service, shipping methods, product pricing & quality and much more by becoming their customer. You can also find out if and how they continue to market to you after the initial sale has been completed.

Step 4: Craft A Compelling Message

Once you understand what your goals are, have a clear understanding of what the market wants, what is important to them and what holes you can fill in the market by doing a complete competitive analysis, you can then craft a compelling marketing message to clearly and concisely convey the benefits of your service offering.

Your message should always be benefit-driven and speak directly to the emotional wants and needs of your prospective customers. Your goal is to answer the two most important questions before they are ever asked: ‘what’s so good about that?’; and ‘what’s in it for me?”

Finally, your message should illicit a response. Gone are the days when getting “exposure” (also known as branding) is enough to ensure your success. Today, you must be focused on marketing efforts that generate an immediate result so you can effectively gauge your return on investment.

Step 5: Selecting Message Delivery Systems

There are thousands (or rather, tens and even hundreds of thousands) of different ways you can market your message in the attempt to reach your market; however many of them will be ineffective at best.

Using your customer profile, you can begin to do research on how to reach your prospects in the places they are already spending time. There’s no point in advertising in a magazine for dogs to promote your cat training system!

Do you want to advertise in the paper, online or through direct-mail? What about yellow pages, white papers or trade publications? How about more “guerrilla” style marketing such as staged events, public relations or street-teams?

There are too many options to list and it is your job to determine the right ones to reach your market in the most cost-effective way possible.

Step 6: Tracking Your Results

How will you know whether your marketing efforts are successful or whether you are simply throwing good money after bad by renewing a losing campaign? Tracking your efforts is a key component, made easier by taking a direct-response approach with your marketing campaigns.

Using unique tracking codes (and requesting this information at the point of sale) will help you know where your business is coming from so that you can track your conversions appropriately.

Having buyers clip a coupon, quote a VIP Access Code or type in a specific website address for each different campaign are all simple ways that you can begin to track the effectiveness of your marketing with the goal of doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Step 7: Creating Marketing Systems

Once you have a marketing plan in place that is working, how will you automate or systemize it so that you can become even more effective with your time, getting more and better results while putting in less human effort?

By developing a funnel approach to your marketing you will be able to create a sense of continuity from one level of the funnel to the next. Not only will your clients feel more comfortable along each step, you will also know how to respond or what action to take whenever you have an interaction with that client, based on where they are in the funnel process you’ve developed.

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Understanding How Email Marketing Works

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses electronic mail as a method of advertising. Technically, email marketing is an all-encompassing term. It can refer to any commercial or fundraising message. However, the term seems to convey to a direct form of advertising, with the specific purpose of (a) acquiring a new customer or motivate someone to make a purchase; (b) retain customers by strengthening a professional relationship; or (c) adding an advertisement to another email.

Is email marketing a lucrative business? Definitely, which is why marketers were prepared to pay over 400 million dollars on email marketing in the year 2006. It is definitely the most cost-efficient form of advertising, as a single email message can cost as low as one penny to create and send. This is a much better rate than advertising with direct mail or newsletters. Since over 150 million people have an email account, you are surely reaching a wide audience.

What are the advantages of email marketing? Besides the cost and return on investment, there are several strong advantages to consider. For one thing, when you attain mailing lists, you can get targeted customers who are probably more inclined to listen to your pitch. So the idea that millions of emails are sent to millions of uninterested, broad-category customers isn’t necessarily true. Another advantage is that email is delivered within seconds or minutes. You no longer have to wait for weeks on end for a reply.

With email marketing, your company is able to push the message to a greater extent than with website advertising. Website advertising requires that a potential customer come visit the site first. The newest trend in online advertising today is to use objective attraction-style writing for copy instead of hard selling techniques. Email can be straight to the point. Email also allows the company manager more high-tech features like automatic responding and automatic updating. Email is a much more popular method of advertising with the green community. By using email, paper is no longer needlessly packaged and thrown away. That means less litter and waste to contend with and a faster mailing process all around.

One of the most important aspects of an email campaign is in tracking email results. With this form of marketing, statistics are so much easier to analyze. Users can track their Return-On-Investment, as well as numerous other statistics such as who read the message, who clicked on a link, who immediately deleted the message and so on.

Email marketing is considered the second most effective form of Internet advertising, following search marketing. One of the reasons why this strategy is so effective is because of its involvement with customer retention. The most sales come from satisfied customers who were moved to make more purchases because of a creative or timely newsletter or company promotion.

Email can be used to appeal to new and existing customers alike. Understand that email marketing isn’t a limited avenue by any means-it’s a very flexible type of marketing that can be tweaked to fit your plans.

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The ABC’s of Trade Show and Exhibit Marketing

What You Should Know about Exhibit Marketing

Exhibit marketing is more than just selling from a booth space
Trade shows allow companies to showcase their achievements, build their business, and maintain their competitive edge
You can learn to be a guru. Become certified
Understand and track your Return on Investment (ROI). Creating a well-defined budget is the best method to track and manage your total investment in a particular show
If you need help, rely on your local exhibit consultant or contract with an exhibit consulting firm
What is Exhibit Marketing?
Exhibit marketing is all about marketing your products or services to buyers at expositions, conferences, and trade shows. A successful program will be rewarded with increased revenues, referrals, and industry networking. The goal is to understand how exhibit marketing differs from the other types of marketing.

Exhibit marketing is more than just selling from a booth space. For many industries, it’s about bringing people and companies together to promote accomplishments, stimulate thought, share knowledge, build relationships, spur the competitive spirit, and reward entrepreneurial efforts. Exhibit marketing not only introduces buyers to sellers, but also fuels the competitive spirit by filling a hall with competitors, partners, and suppliers, each with goals and dreams of success. Trade shows allow companies to showcase their achievements, build their business, and maintain their competitive edge.

Exhibit marketing, like any marketing, must be learned through experience and education. It isn’t taught in most colleges and universities, or covered in most reference or textbooks, but if you are new to exhibit marketing, you can learn a great deal about it on the Internet and from your local exhibit consultant before risking a single dollar.

Exhibitors must learn how to attract interest, to be remembered, and to turn prospects into customers. At a trade show, buyers and sellers are overloaded with choices and information. As an exhibitor, your marketing message can be consistent from show to show, or it can be tailored to the show and the location. Good marketing and salesmanship, however, are always involved.

Types of Exhibit Marketing

There are different types of exhibit marketing: retail, business-to-business, and event marketing. Retail shows typically focus on selling products and closing deals directly at the booth. Business-to-business shows focus on forging new relationships that are cemented after the show. Event marketing aims more towards delivering a message or creating brand awareness.

Training and Certification

In the United States, there are two primary trade shows for trade show professionals: The EXHIBITOR Show and TS2. These shows offer trade show certification for people wanting to complete a curriculum of classes and seminars. The curriculum aims to cover all aspects of exhibit marketing. The classes are taught by industry experts whose expertise and opinion may vary. These certification programs, along with on-line resources and books, provide enough basic information to develop an effective marketing strategy for your company.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Research shows that attendees recall only 15% of the companies they visit on the show floor. The other 85% are forgotten. The reasons vary. The company may have a weak exhibit or an ineffective sales presentation. Some companies are simply forgotten due to the inherent clutter and sensory overload of a trade show. This research data should be very important to you. You must never forget that show participation is a competition for attendee time and retention. Your ROI is directly related to your attention to, and overall performance in, all aspects of trade show marketing.

Creating a well-defined budget and comparing it against actual expenses is the best method to track and manage your total investment in a particular show. If you sell products in a retail show, then the revenue is easy to tally up and compare to the expenses for the ROI. If your show is one where prospecting, branding, and market positioning are the norm, then the ROI is more difficult to measure. Other benefits are difficult to measure but quite valuable just the same. These intangible benefits may be direct or indirect, and exhibit marketers look for subtle hints of these returns and weigh them against the opportunity cost of not exhibiting.

Using an Exhibit Consulting Firm

If conducting research on the web or taking exhibit-marketing seminars isn’t sufficient, you may want to consider using a consulting firm that specializes in helping companies succeed with their exhibit marketing efforts. Often these consulting firms cover general marketing as well as exhibit marketing. These firms provide a fresh perspective and advice based on years of experience. Typically, they bring a level of seasoned experience along with the desire to find successful marketing solutions for your company.

Survey Service Providers

If you are looking for research information to support your decisions, there are companies that provide research and survey services for this purpose. Speak with an exhibit consultant about which firms the consultant recommends.

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Selecting the Right Email Marketing Company For Your Business

Email marketing is fast becoming one of the most important and efficient direct marketing tools for companies that want to realize a greater return on investment from their marketing efforts. Email marketing, like most direct marketing, has its own set of metrics and success ratios and specialized techniques to make a campaign successful. It is not something that should be approached blindly. There are many companies that offer their services as email marketing specialists who can partner with companies looking to utilize this highly-efficient marketing tool to raise revenues. How does a company go about choosing which company is right for them?

One of the first criteria should be a proven track record of success. If a company has thousands of users that benefit from using their system, chances are they are doing something right and have gotten email marketing down to a science that produces effective results for their clients. A company with numerous clients in a variety of businesses has the know how and a time-tested system that generates revenue and allows businesses to grow and track their customer base.

Companies that offer email marketing systems should offer a system that is easy to use for the marketer and has certain parameters that generate effective email communications in a simplified manner. The company should offer a variety of customizable templates so marketers can tailor the email to their potential customers taste and tone, and can also deliver the marketing message in the most effective way. Their system should also allow marketers to choose between emails with lots of graphics or simple text only email messages, again, based on what the marketers know about their customers. They also should be able to build in surveys so they can get greater insight into what their customers and potential customers respond to and what their needs are.

Another key function of any email marketing program is the ability to manage contacts. A company may have thousands of emails that they are sending marketing messages out to. A robust email marketing mailing list ensures that companies can manage their contacts easily, grow their database with potential new customers, and manage opt-out and bounce-back functions so their contact list is clean and targeted. Mailing list management is a key component of direct marketing, and email marketing is no exception. An email marketing company that has an easy to manage list management system is providing a great service to marketers who can make sure their emails are hitting the right targets and clean their list of any emails that bounce back or people who decide to opt out of receiving future emails. This saves time, effort and money for the email marketer.

Email marketing specialists can also make sure your message is delivered in a timely fashion and work with ISPs to insure a high deliverability rate. Making sure your emails get to their intended recipients is important when you are delivering time sensitive email marketing messages.
Finally, tracking the performance of an email marketing campaign is important to determine the profitability and effectiveness of the campaign and also help plan future marketing efforts. You can clearly see what messages were effective, who responded to the email offering and why, and tailor future campaigns based on previous results. A fully integrated email marketing program set up by an email marketing company can insure that your efforts will pay off with a proven system of success.

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Reasons to Use an Email Marketing Company For Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing has become an important component to the overall marketing and advertising mix. It basically is an electronic form of direct marketing, akin to direct mail. It’s not something that should be left to chance. Many companies may be tempted to just compose an email on Outlook or Google and send it off from there. But that approach is a blind approach and does not offer the tracking and database management that is needed to execute a successful and effective campaign.

Email marketing companies offer marketers several tools which allow them to effectively market their products and services and monitor the response rate. These systems are often integrated and allow for the marketer to compose messages, send and make sure their email messages are delivered, track the effectiveness of the campaign and manage the database of email addresses for optimal and efficient marketing campaigns.

Ideally, email marketing companies have developed a software suite or system that is easy to use and can get inexperienced email marketers up and running immediately. Composition of the email is important, and a system that is easy to use without having to have any complex graphics knowledge can help save time and compose a marketing message that is effective and will be responded to. A system that allows for the marketer to be up and running immediately is ideal. The faster one can get their marketing message out, the faster they can realize a return on investment and drive up revenues.

With email marketing becoming such a integral part of the advertising and marketing efforts of so many companies, it is important to find a company that has a proven track record of success and is trusted by thousands of other companies and individuals. This indicates that the company has a tried and true system that is effective and will deliver results that companies need for their campaigns to be effective and produce revenue. A company with broad experience and a diverse client base with a proven system can be trusted to handle a campaign with the expertise and knowledge that this specialized area of marketing requires. They are in effect a partner with a marketer, and as an effective partner, they have a vested interest in the marketer’s success ratio. A specialist can also provide crucial tips and best practice information that can make the difference in the success of a campaign. They have past experience that has demonstrated to them what works and what doesn’t, and they can pass this experience along to the marketer that needs this expertise when planning an email campaign.

Affordability is another factor to consider when choosing a specialist. Budget considerations are key for an email marketing campaign, and while it may be one of the most cost effective means of direct marketing, you want a company that is affordable so you can generate revenue with minimal expense.

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Hospitals and Healthcare Clinics – Direct Mail Campaigns Still Work Wonders

Hospitals, clinics, doctor and dentist offices, chiropractors, pharmacists and medical facilities should advertise. “We don’t need to advertise,” you say. “People come to us when they need medical treatment. It’s not like we’re selling stereos or real estate.” Well, that isn’t necessarily the case. Sure, when someone has been in a car crash and is being taken to the emergency room, they usually don’t care which one. Their only prerequisite might be that it is “very close.” But, when the treatment isn’t an emergency, they often have the opportunity to pick where they wish to go.

How They Choose

Your doctor says that you need to have a benign fatty tumor removed from you back. He might recommend a particular surgeon, but you could say, “What about St. What-Ever-It-Is Medical Center across town? I’ve heard they are a great facility. I’d rather go there.” Bingo. That hospital just got a new patient. They chose St. What-Ever-It-Is Medical Center because they “heard about it.” How did they come to know about that particular facility? Advertising, probably.

Hospitals, Dentists, Pharmacists, Chiropractic

All facets of the healthcare industry can benefit from proper advertising. It’s very important to develop name recognition with the general public. Once your facility’s name is commonplace, people are naturally going to at least give consideration to becoming your patient or customer. I know of no one that window shops for healthcare. Usually it is and urgent situation – not an emergency – when people need to make a decision, and they aren’t going to spend hours researching on the internet, going through the yellow pages, or calling all their friends to get a recommendation for where to take their child. They will instead quickly haul them off to the first place they remember. That facility could be your office or clinic – if you have embedded your name in their head by advertising.

How To Do It In These Troubled Economic Times

Simply put: direct mail. Direct mail campaigns have been very successful for decades. Mailing advertisements to hundreds or thousands of current and potential patients or customers is an inexpensive and effective method of gaining that valuable name recognition. Most suppliers of direct mail products will do all the work, too. You simply provide a mailing list, or one can be generated for you, and they will deliver each customized direct mail product for you. You don’t need to do a thing other than make the phone call or send the e-mail message.

A New Innovation

Yes, direct mail is effective, but a recent innovation has made it an even more valuable marketing tool. The new product is the magnetic direct mailer. Instead of a simple paper postcard, this one has an attractive, high quality refrigerator style magnet attached to it. The recipient is intrigued by the uniqueness, and peels the magnet from the postcard. Once in hand, they hesitate to just toss it away. It ends up on the refrigerator at home, or the metal cabinets in the break room at the office, or a computer case at work. Magnets are long lasting, and they provide hundreds of passive views of your facility’s information each month. Eventually, someone who saw your magnet will need your services or products. It’s just human nature, but people tend to patronize facilities with which they are familiar, even if that familiarity comes from merely seeing your direct mail magnet every time they go to the refrigerator.

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Article Direct Marketing – Improve Website Traffic With Keywords

Direct article marketing has changed. When you first started your article marketing maybe you were like me, and didn’t know much about website optimization and promotion to increase web page traffic and key words for articles marketing. Article marketing rules change, so it’s a lot of research to stay on top of which key words are best for each article. Since you don’t want to make some of the mistakes I made early on, use my experience to update your article marketing now.

In the Beginning

Nine years ago, I learned about article marketing. I wrote business books and wanted to market them a natural way. I learned from a techie mentor how to submit them. And, my titles were good so they got my website in the first page of Google rankings. With “bookcoaching” I’m still number one. I submitted 20 articles to many sites, and within one month, was listed on 900 websites. As my articles grew to over 240, I was listed on 120,000 sites and more each two weeks. article marketing is viral marketing at its best.

Being Consistent Makes a Difference.

As long as I pumped good how to, educational articles out there, my Google status was great. When I took a year sabbatical from article marketing, my placement dropped accordingly. And today, I’m back at it full steam ahead. But since new rules and Web 2. 0 changes, Today, I’m editing most of my articles and all of my article writing and submitting books to help my clients get more webpage traffic.

Key Words for Article Optimization

I started using Google Trends and put at least 10 keywords into those first article submitted to HubPages. I turned into a key word junkie!. I wove those key words into the copy with ease. Talk about overkill and clouded judgment. I didn’t realize my errors until my webmaster corrected me. We went back to optimize all the earlier titles so Google would love them.

Better Article Key Word Research

Then, using the free Google Keyword Tool. I learned how to comb through a general key word phrase, turn those into the long tailed low-competition specific key words people Google. We incorporate them into article titles and first lines of the article. With this method, you only use 3 keyword phrases in the whole article, after you do your key word research Now, my articles earn me a seat at the Big Boy’s table–my website URL went to top positions in Google page ranking.

We tested the main key word phrases at Google Tools to see which phrase would get us the most action. We checked the monthly searches for each key word phrase and noticed higher is better such as 300+ and with # results on the web through putting the phrase in quotes and Googling it, that lower is better such as -3000. Thus, the higher ratio is better such as over.100+. The ratio is best at over.1.

Today, the Goal is Balance Between the Best Long tailed Keywords and the Title that Will Attract Readers.

If you please your readers and your article directory publishers with quality, useful articles, you’ll do well. Remember to answer your readers’ questions in your articles, even solve their challenges.

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The MLM Survival Guide – Is Network Marketing Really For Me?

Since my college days I have dabbled in the Network Marketing industry. Sometimes I made money and sometimes I didn’t. Over the years, there was always that nagging question in the back of my head. Learning the true survival tactics that taught me how to stop chasing my friends and family and to start optimizing 21st Century marketing tactics finally gave me the answer to that burning question.

Is Network Marketing Really for Me?

You may be asking yourself this very question whether this is your first stab at Networking Marketing or it may be your tenth. When you were approached by the person that ultimately sold you the product or sponsored you into the”business opportunity” the picture that was painted for you was probably very rosy and appealing. You loved the product and believed that your enthusiasm would make it easy to get others to buy it or join in on the “opportunity”. The Presentation you saw made it sound like a piece of cake.

But can you really survive pitching to your Warm Market and everyone else that crosses your path, the 3-way calling, getting all the Marketing Materials or going to all those Hotel Briefings? What about your Upline, will they really help you?

The question still lingers in the back of your mind….Is Network Marketing Really For Me?


Let me tell you first hand that Network Marketing has amazing benefits that can transform your life and your pocketbook!

There are some very important steps you must take first before you jump into the world of Network Marking, MLM or Multilevel Marketing or Direct Sales. You will have to learn the survival tactics that will get you through the “ins and outs” of this ever growing industry. The Internet has taken this Network Marketing industry into the 21 Century. The ‘Old School’ marketing method are becoming obsolete.

The very first thing you should know is that NetWORK Marketing is WORK just like every other venture you will get involved with whether it is a traditional W2 job or your own business.

Oh no! Did your sponsor forget to tell you that part? Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, but it is the truth. Also, when you join this awesome company or amazing opportunity you became a Business Owner. Yes, you are now an Entrepreneur!

Second, know that is that YOU are 100% responsible for making things happen in your business. YOU are your own fastest path to Success! Make sure you have the education and training you need to be truly successful.

Here are some basic terms and definitions you’ll need to help you survive this business:

Network Marketing – a business in which a distributor network is needed to build the business. Usually such businesses are also MLM in nature in that payouts also occur at more than one level. Network Marketing is sometimes also used incorrectly to indicate that the business uses a network of product suppliers in order to offer a broader selection of products. It is usually used this way to differentiate themselves as a way to suggest that their program is superior to other such programs.

MLM – is selling products by using independent distributors and allowing these distributors to build and manage their own sales force by recruiting, motivating, supplying, and training others to sell products. The distributors’ compensation includes their own sales and a percentage of the sales of their sales group (downline). Another description is any business where payouts occur at two or more levels; i.e., if you make a sale, both you and the person above you will get a portion of the proceeds.

Downline – a multilevel marketing term that refers to the distributors sponsored directly in your group, as well as those sponsored by other distributors below.

Upline – the distributors that you sign up with your Multilevel Marketing plan are called your downline. The distributor that originally recruited you is called your upline. Often he or she will give you some help getting started, including training.

Warm Market – in sales and direct marketing your warm market is said to be people you know, which could be friends, relatives and existing customers, even referrals are said to be warm.

Three Foot Rule – states that whenever you’re within three feet of someone, you should talk to them about your business and the services you provide.

Leads – possible parties that may or may not have an interest in your product, service or opportunity that you will be contacting in person, by phone, mail or Internet.

Prospecting – finding qualified prospects (or interested parties) for your products or services is a necessary first step in the sales process. You need to have someone to sell to before you make a sale. There are “cold prospects”, “qualified prospects” and “targeted prospects”.

Closing – completing a transaction or sale.

DSA – Direct Selling Association. This is a great resource for checking the status of your company or to keep up with industry specific news.

Network Marketing is definitely for you!

The opportunities for success, self satisfaction, financial freedom and control over your life are all true advantages to Network Marketing. You will realize these benefits by taking 100% responsibility for your own actions and by empowering yourself with the appropriate training and marketing tools that will ensure your success without stress!

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